My Hero

It was just a normal day like any other. My friend and I were driving into town. She was dropping me off at home before heading to work. The sun had come up and was right in that awkward place for a driver, when it glares right in your eye. The streetlights were back lit by the bright sun making it hard to see whether they were lit up or not. The light was yellow. She stopped like a responsible driver does, and it was then that we heard it. The screeching. I turned my head just in time to see a big truck crash into her tiny Yaris.
It was loud. It was jarring. It was painful.
I bore the brunt of the force in my neck because it was turned in response to the sound. Luckily, my friend’s insurance covered our post-accident care. She told me about a Chiropractor she found who worked wonders on her, and accepted her insurance, so I decided to give him a try.
I was a mess. Every medical professional who ever touched my neck from Modesto Chiropractors, massage therapists, doctors, physical therapists, nurses, etc- always said the same phrase, “You poor thing.” That’s how messed up my neck was. They could feel it with one touch. I was in pain a lot.
My neck pain resulted in trouble sleeping, inability to focus, and headaches. A lot of headaches. The Chiropractor who handled my accident care was wonderful. His kind and comforting demeanor made me feel like I was in good hands. And I literally was. He was very experienced. He could crack my stiff neck easily, and it always greatly relieved the tension and pain. He also recommended an in house massage therapist, who worked wonders on me.
I trusted my Chiropractor fully and he gave me advice on everything from what type of pillow to use, what type of stretching and exercise to do, and topical creams that could help manage my pain.
That day was barely starting when a city worker decided to run a yellow light, without consideration of the smaller cars on the road he might not be able to see. Even though the accident was his fault we never got a dime, and my friend had to fight and threaten just to get her deductible back from her car repairs. All because the state of California doesn’t like to pay out, and they insure their own drivers. It was a horrible experience, but the accident care we received from our kind and experienced Chiropractor truly saved the day!



Monterey in Central California is the ideal place to get away for the weekend and relax. There are countless things to do to escape from the everyday grind of work. Monterey is filled with adventurous things to do both inside and outside.

Are you interested in animals? The Monterey Bay Aquarium is known worldwide for its dedication to research to protect the creatures, as well as its interactive abilities with the animals. Come find the perfect balance between learning about a new animal and having a fun time.

For the more adventurous people there are several hiking trails to explore for the day. Take some water, a snack and a partner to one of the many beautiful trails. Whether you choose to leave for a few hours or for the entire day the breathtaking scenery will keep you entertained.

Cannery Row is for the tourist inside. This area is the location for many hotels, restaurants, shops and special events held throughout the year. Many of the local artists even have paintings for sail, or often times will be out creating new pieces for tourists to stop and watch the progress.

The Fisherman’s Warf makes for an entertaining morning. Stroll down the path to see fishermen unloading their catches of the day, while seagulls fly above hoping to grab one. Enjoy the restaurants that serve fresh fish or clam chowder while surrounded by the atmosphere. There are friendly otters playing nearby. If all of that excitement is not enough then you can purchase a ticket to take a glass bottom boat tour. The boat takes you out into the open waters to go sight-seeing of the ocean’s inhabitants.

Perhaps all of that is too much for those looking to simply get away and relax. For those of you try Pebble Beach. This location is filled with water, sand and much more. There is a high end day spa for the ultimate pampering day for the ladies, while the men can take to any of the 8 golf courses offered. You can end the day with one of the top restaurants in the area near multiple shops. If you do not wish to drive and pay to enter these attractions consider staying at the Lodge at Pebble Beach. As a guest you have access to all of the activities listed.

For the music lovers there are several Jazz destinations. Monterey offers five different Jazz locations to end your night with. Whether it is a trio or a whole live band these places will keep your feet tapping the whole night.

What To Look For In Boat Fenders and Bumpers

When looking for boat fenders, you need to make sure you find some that not only hold the boat in place (in other words secure it to the dock), but also prevent the boat from hitting the dock.

One of the main reasons boat owners get so frustrated is because the fenders and bumpers they purchase for their boats or jet ski’s do a good job securing the boat, but when big waves come in, the boat will actually hit the dock which causes damages.

So what can you do?

That’s where Docktight boat bumpers come in.  These bumpers are designed in a way to effortlessly dock your boat (which we will talk about in another post), and they also do a great job at keeping your boat from hitting the dock.

With that said, these fenders and bumpers are a bit more expensive than your ordinary ones, but trust me when I say that they will likely save you a lot of money in the near future because you won’t have to keep taking your boat in to fix the damages that occur when the boat hits the dock.

You also need to keep in mind that these were designed for boats under 20 feet, if your boat is over 20 feet you should contact the Docktight company BEFORE you make your purchase just to make sure they will work for your boat.  There is a good chance they will, it would just be a bummer to purchase them and find out they don’t work.

These fenders were also designed to float unlike their competition.  That means if you happen to drop them (which will more than likely happen), they won’t sink.

This is still a relatively new company and they are still making changes to their product and improving upon it, but all in all these are starting to become a must own for every boat owner out there.

If you are a serious boat owner don’t even think twice about purchasing yours today.