Protect Your Family

There is not enough I can say about the latest purchase I made for my child. Recently my baby girl decided it was time she grew out of her high chair. As sad as it is to see her grow older it is exciting to see the little girl she is becoming. Such a bittersweet time for parents. Well now that she has reached to point of no more high chair it is time to upgrade to the next level; the booster seat. I took my wife to the store and asked one of the employees to help us find the top rated booster seat that wouldn’t break the bank. As much as I want and will do anything for my family and children, if I can find the same quality in a product cheaper, then I will lean more towards the more affordable.

The employee told us about the Fisher Price products and how well they had been doing this year. She said that the Fisher Price’s top rated booster seat was one of their earlier models of the year. It can with everything you want and need in a booster seat, but did not add any unnecessary bells and whistles. Fisher Price had kept to the basics which is something that I loved. So we found the right color that matched our little girl’s personality and went home. Now every meal we spend with our daughter at the table glowing now that she can finally “Sit with the grown-ups.” No purer form of joy than to see the eyes of your child light up and see the world expanding right before them.

As her father I cannot wait to see her next steps and her journeys of the future, but at the same time, I am going to miss these years and watching our little princess run around without a care in the world. As parents we want to keep the hurt of the world out, but sadly we cannot. We can only equip them with the proper tools and products to protect them where we can. So I thank Fisher Price for helping me protect my daughter.

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